Your success is our success.

To help you sell more of our glass and crystal products we have a wide range of support services and you can choose to take as little, or as much, as you need.

Unbranded Literature

Use our plain cover catalogues, price lists and flyers to promote products to your customers.


Decorating Techniques

Decoration Table

Products suitable for colour print

Online Materials

We have a variety of online support tools at your disposal. Use the e-brochure link in emails or on your own website to show customers the range of products available. You can also direct customers to an unbranded version of our website for a more interactive view. We can also offer versions of our website with your logo and contact details to tie it all in with your branding.


Unbranded Website with retail pricing

Unbranded website with no pricing

Ask us about creating your own branded site.

Visuals and Samples

When you are trying to sell an idea it can help to have something that shows the customer what you are trying to describe. That’s why we do everything we can to help you.

Whether it is a standard item or a bespoke award, we can create visuals for you that clearly show what the end product could look like. We can also provide samples for show rooms and customer visits as well as pre-production samples for more complex projects.

Talk to our team to find out more about timescales, pricing and availability.

Ideas and Inspiration

Over the many years we’ve been in business we’ve seen all sorts of projects come through our hands. That has left us in a unique position to help with your creative processes and suggest products and techniques that inspire your customers and move them towards a purchase.

Let us inspire you.

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